About Natascha Dea

Natascha Dea is an American photographer, artist, writer, publisher, and producer whose work intersects fashion and art in a captivating exploration of sensuality, erotic femininity, and the taboo. She is most interested in exploring the aspects of womanhood most often concealed or suppressed, and in amplifying the voices of unique and marginalized artists.

Natascha was born in West Germany, calls New York City home, and splits her time between Venice Beach and Chicago, where she currently lives with her family.

Her photographic work can be found hanging in private collections on three continents, has been published internationally and featured on LENSCRATCH, L'Oeil de la Photographie, and The Quiet Front. Duncan Miller Gallery featured Natascha's black and white work for sale in their special project: Your Daily Photograph as Emerging and Classic photography. She is a member of the woman-based arts collaborative, Woman Made Gallery in Chicago and established the Neshama Collective, a year-long creative workshop and gathering space for women-identified artists battling infertility and/or going through infertility treatments while trying to maintain creative practice. 

Natascha is the author of “Waiting," coming soon from FortyTwo Women Press; “Waiting” is a monograph she created during two rounds of in-vitro fertilization and features a foreward by Reproductive Endocrinologist Eve C. Feinberg, M.D. 

Natascha is a vocal advocate for equality, reproductive rights, and justice, and better access to reproductive and infertility healthcare for all. She is frequently a guest speaker and media contributor on the topics of infertility, women’s reproductive healthcare, and creativity. 

Natascha is currently preparing for her ninth round of infertility treatments while caring for her cross-generational family in Chicago.